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Dreams of Cashmere - Goat Milk Chocolate - 55% cacao

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This chocolate bar highlights the sophistication of goat milk. Its ingredients join in a ballet of delectable flavours, without one encroaching on the other. Canadian goat milk provides an elegance that beautifully envelops the aromas of cacao, all in a barely sweet bite. Elfi and Maxime concocted this bar with ancestral Bagua cacao beans, which is bound to will delight lovers of goat milk and cheeses. We dare you not to eat the entire bar all at once!

  • The eye: silky light brown.
  • The nose: mild goat milk caramel, touch of plum.
  • The mouth : slightly fruity, reminiscent of pear, smooth.
  • Overall: floral as camomile.
  • Persistence: 15 minutes of happiness after each bite.

Weight: 50g

Origin of cocoa: Bagua, Amazonas, Peru

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, goat milk powder, cane sugar, cocoa butter