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DYNARYZ ACC Table Tennis Rubber - Black Max

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$91.00 CAD
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$91.00 CAD

Equip yourself with a table tennis rubber that brings more spin and speed into your game without losing control! What seems like a dream is now a reality with the JOOLA Dynaryz ACC. Featuring the signature purple medium-hard HyperBounce sponge paired with Advance Traction Surface Technology, the JOOLA Dynaryz ACC is spin-friendly, dynamic, and precise. Be prepared to hit your game-winning shots with laser-like precision! The JOOLA Dynaryz ACC is the table tennis rubber of choice for those aspiring to play at the professional level.

  • Line: Premium
  • Speed (0-10): 10
  • Spin (0-10): 10
  • Trajectory (0-10): 7.5
  • Precision (0-10): 10.5
  • Hardness: Medium-Hard
  • Pips: In
  • Pips Geometry: Height 0.9mm | Width 1.7mm | Spacing 0.6mm
  • Sponge Tech: Hyperbounce
  • Surface Tech: Advanced Surface Traction