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Joola Mambo H Rubber - Red Max

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$49.00 CAD

Add speed and spin to your game without sacrificing control! The JOOLA Mambo H Table Tennis Rubber offers a medium-hard Balance, giving it additional speed points while maintaining the high control values that the Balance table tennis sponge is known for. The grippy topsheet, designed to incorporate extreme tension characteristics, combined with the harder sponge results in unparalleled energy for dynamic play. Liven up your game with the JOOLA Mambo H Table Tennis Rubber!

  • Line: Progressive
  • Speed (0-10): 4
  • Spin (0-10): 7
  • Trajectory (0-10): 7
  • Precision (0-10): 7
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Pips: Short
  • Pips Geometry: Height 1mm | Width 1.4mm | Spacing 1.1mm
  • Sponge Tech: Balance
  • Surface Tech: Enhanced Surface Traction