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Timemore - Chestnut X

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$375.00 CAD
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$375.00 CAD


Not just any grinder. It's the finest high end grinder we've ever seen to enter the market. So darn adjustable that you'll be able to get extremely precise grinding with less fines and more flavour. It's going to squeeze the flavour from your beans. This is the bees knees of grinders, the finest of the fine.

Patented S2C burrs (spike to cut) will spike the beans then cut them, a revolutionary way to get the best grind with less fines. 

Burrs: made from high carbon stainless steel, SUS440 for wear and rust resistance

Suitable for espresso, pour over and French press

Adjustments: 24 clicks and each position can be adjusted by a secondary 5 clicks, 24 x 5 gives 120 clicks for high precision adjusting.

Dual bearings to ensure the shaft spins smoothly and is stable

Foldable handle - why take extra space or take off your grinder handle if you can just easily just flick it down or up? Easy and satisfying to do!

Body of the grinder is made from aluminium alloy, square for hand held comfort